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creating a space Where Fashionpreneurs gain clarity and create authentic relationships


There is no need to jump in without being sure. I love to get to know my potential clients to find out if it is a fit before we work. I am sure you would love to know that we have a connection before actually spending your money. So here is 20 minutes of my time FREE. Let's get connected and see if we can go to work together!



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If you are a struggling fashionpreneur, you have come to the right place. I help Fashionpreneur gain clarity n their businesses, map out strategic plan of actions and execute! I don't believe in fluff, I was sold fluff all my life as an entrepreneur and vowed not to do that to anyone else. I will hold you accountable, & hold your hand as we work through each and every one of your problems together!

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What Is Dallas Fashionpreneur?

Dallas Fashionpreneur was created out of a need for community. Dallas is really huge, and therefore can get "clique-y". I created this community/platform so that Fashionpreneurs in Dallas can have a community of people we can lean on should the need arise. We host several different events, from workshops, to happy hours, to brunches, to comunity outreach. The goal of this group is to create a safe space for Authentic community and intentional relationships to be formed.

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Porschstores Exclusive Online Pop-up Event

Porschstores is an online pop-up shop showcasing indie brands and designers. It only comes up twice a year and will only be accessed by those who sign up. Not open to the public. Interested? click link below. Are you an indie brand? email info@porschstores.com. If you are a fit, you will hear back from us.

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Dallas Fashionpreneurs Events

 Dallas Fashionprenuers is a physical extension of Learn With Caris aimed at creating intimate safe spaces for fashionpreneurs to create authentic relationships


I'm Caris, Your Clarity consultant with a knack for solving problems and seeing further than most people can. Committed to helping you figure out your next steps. together, we take the stress out of running your business. 



How can I help you?

I help Fashionpreneurs launch their brands, gain clarity in the next steps for their businesses including creating sites that bring their dreams to life! I believe that You are able to live your life to the fullest and no dream is too big. I am on a mission to help you discover and live up to your full potential.


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