Hi my name is Caris, when I initially got into the e-commerce business I had no guide and no idea where to start. I literally jumped in and tried my best not to drown. All of the resources that claimed to be geared toward "small business" was out of my "small business" budget. I had to learn everything on my own.Now I want to teach you how to start your own business on a "small business" budget. Don't be afraid to jump, I am here to help you!


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Caris has been an efficient and reliable business consultant from the onset of my business. She has provided me a broad range of compelling and executable strategies that has helped my educational organization bloom. Her service has become a valuable tool for determining basic unforeseen errors and channels of business sustainability. She is very responsive and easy to relate with. I enjoy every second of consultation with her. - Adora ( BU Scholars)


I affirm that doors of opportunity are open unto me
I affirm that all that I do shall prosper
I affirm that everything I touch is blessed
I affirm that with God I am making progress on a daily basis
I affirm that God is my source! I do not have the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind!
I affirm that the grace of God has multiplied in my life. 
I affirm that Everything about my life is infused with divinity and speaks of Gods glory! The Lord is my Shepherd; therefore, I can never lack!