Beginner's guide to starting an E-commerce Business

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Today I want to talk about something I get asked often. I was at a brunch this past weekend which was amazing by the way! With so many inspirational women! I had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with so many amazing ladies I couldn’t believe it. I currently spotlight a Lady each month on the Porschstores Blog, and the November Porsch Lady hosted a brunch called #BWLBRUNCH and it was a beautiful experience.

I connected with one of the amazing beauties and we struck a conversation. During this conversation, I was asked yet again the one question that everyone seems to ask, how do I get started? How can I start something like this if I want to go into e-commerce?

Well, the good news is that I already wrote an e-book that will give you all the basic information you need to know and then you can build on from there. Today I will be writing the cliff-notes version.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you want to sell. It is very easy to want to start a business, but if you have no idea what your service is going to be, then there is no need getting started.

So, what can you sell?  You can sell ANYTHING!! If you are able to connect with people to meet a pressing need, you can sell that solution to them.

Do you still have no idea what I am talking about? ask yourself what are you incredibly good at? For example, I know about 3 people who are incredibly good at not only making wigs but also able to wear and style it to look like it is your natural hair. They now make wigs for people and they make money off it. I know someone who is really good at cooking; now she caters for people. 

If you are not selling a service you have to figure out where to get it supplied from: I found all my vendors by sleeping on google, no joke. I will give you a few tips to look out for if you are going the fashion route


·         You can use AliExpress and Alibaba, you just have to be extremely careful         and always talk to the vendors and establish a relationship with them

·         Try thrifting and Vintage close out sale

·         Look up trade shows in the niche you are trying to serve and attend them

·         Be on the lookout for liquidations, you can buy stuff at a very cheap price         and resell.


Figure out who your service / product is for: It is one thing to know what you are going to sell; it is another thing to sell to the right people. Let me paint a picture for you. So you have decided you want to sell or offer luxury winter jackets.

And let’s say your target market is a 29-year-old woman who lives in New York and loves fur coats, she spends at most $150 on quality jackets, she makes 150k a year, loves lattes, loves fashion magazines only shops for winter jacket in the spring when the prices have fallen and doesn’t care about shipping and delivery time.

You can’t decide to start targeting an 18year old in Mississippi, who shops forever 21, doesn’t care for expensive winter jackets because it doesn’t get as cold as it does in NY, and won’t pay $50 on a website.

You will automatically set yourself up for failure. There is no way to get someone who isn’t interested in what you are selling to buy from you because it is not something they think they need. If you are still struggling with defining your target market, then this guide is for you. It provides you with a lot of brainstorm questions to help you figure out exactly who your target market is.

Pick a name for your business: Sometimes this comes easy to people, other times it doesn’t. The two business names I created came from 2 different sources of inspiration. But I also tried to choose a name that would reflect the purpose of my business. You can use this guide to help you brainstorm your brand names. When you come up with a name, make sure to look them up on go-daddy to make sure they don’t already exist.

Decide how you want to offer your business: Do you want a brick and mortar shop? Do you want it online? Do you want it in a marketplace? These are some questions to answer. Then you want to brainstorm on the best model that will not only work for your kind of business but will also work for your target market and fit well into your current lifestyle.

Download the e-book on a beginner’s kind to launching an e-commerce business. It goes into more details, including registering your business, the e-commerce platforms available and how much they cost, etc. It is a good resource to use as a starting point.

If you are hitting a road block, you can check out my clarity session. I can help you de-clutter your thoughts and give you some insights on how to better approach running your business.

I really hope this was helpful to you! If there are topics you’d like me to cover, you can leave a comment below!

Ready to start learning with the Beginner's guide to starting an E-commerce Business ebook? grab it below!