First Post? Maybe ...


Hello, and welcome to my website. By now I am assuming you have already seen my face plastered all over my site (It gives me anxiety but I'm trying something new).

By the time you are seeing this blog post, it may probably be weeks later the date as of right now is 9/21/16 and the audio I am about to upload was recorded yesterday randomly. Will all my posts be audio? hmmm, I don't know But I have found out I am able to express myself better via audio so a podcast might be in the works.

If not I will try to create a written version of every audio post I put out. I plan to use this site to communicate with you like you are my homie and we seating on the couch bonding over wine. I have spent too much of my life trying to be "serious / corporate" so I hope you will be able to see me as your home girl


My name is Caris and I am an introvert who decided to go into a business that requires me to interact with people. Putting  myself in this situation made me an extroverted introvert. I have created this site to share my lessons, mistakes, and wins at .

If you are looking to take the e-commerce route, I hope that this website will serve as a resource to you! Listen to the audio below and leave your comments!!! Let me know what you would like to see more of and where you need help!