Hello Beautiful people, today I want to talk about a topic that bugged me the whole of last week and eventually lead to me recording my opinion. Sadly it took me almost a week to post it up! There is so much going on right now as I get this site ready to go.

Last week I listened to a podcast, and during the podcast, someone mentioned how people didn't like to share their ideas because they were afraid it would get stolen. This resonated with me because I used to be one of those, and now even when I have an idea I only share with someone I truly trust because honestly, human beings are capable of anything.

If you ever have an idea for anything, you need to understand that some people are unable to think as fast as you are and even if it gets shot down it might just be because they don't understand it, not because it is a bad idea.


So here is a cliff notes version of what you are about to listen to:

  1. If you have to share your idea, share it with someone you absolutely trust and someone who has the ability to think either on your level or better
  2. Just because the person cannot understand your idea does not make your idea invalid
  3. If you know in the heart of your hearts that you absolutely want to try something out, invest a little, try it out, do a market research. If you think it can work, go for it. if not, let it go.
  4. Remember not everyone will understand your vision, this is why it was given to you and not them so try to understand their point of view before shooting it down.
  5. Take every advice with a grain of salt.
  6. Try out a brainstorm session, have someone help you think it through and work through some of the kinks and see things from a different perspective


That being said, I am a very big advocate of testing out as many ideas as you can until you find what stick. I'd rather give something a shot and fail than not try at all.

Don't be afraid to dream, but most importantly don't be afraid to bring your dreams to life!

Have you ever had someone shoot down your idea? how did you handle it?