2017: What have I done differently?

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2017  has been looking good so far! I wrote my first post this year on the first and you can read it here.  And I have been slacking ever since :(

I sat down yesterday and thought to myself, I am actually having a good year so far. Now, I know you are probably like "um.. Chill it's only March". Yea, I know, but I am having a good couple of months /year so far.

So what exactly is different? A few things are different this year and I will share some of the changes I have implemented.

 I spend more time with God: I have not spent as much time as I would like to, but I have spent much more time with God this year. I truly hope that I can keep this up and increase my time with God. In the times spent with God, I have found myself feeling safe. I know that I have problems but I have focused more on God. This way, I am not magnifying the problem. When you magnify a problem, it becomes bigger than it really is and overwhelms you to the point of exhaustion.

I learned to stress less: One of the things I have done constantly for the past few years, especially the past few months before the end of 2016 was stress and worry. I was stressed about my new Marketing team, I was stressed about expenses, I was stressed about sales, I was stressed about getting clients for "Learn with Caris", I was stressed about my family. If there was anything to stress about, I stressed about it. This left me drained, and unhappy and exhausted. So this year, I let everyone do what it is they are supposed to do. I stopped trying to control everything and did the very best I could do on my own.

I learned that networking works: I had closed sales and businesses from people who I met and networked with. A lot of them I didn't even sell to, we just connected and they felt the need to support. This thought me that people buy into you and not necessarily the service you offer. There are lots of people who offer what you do, but only you can be you.

I learned that you do not stop marketing because you do not see immediate results: Most of the conversions I got this month were from marketing that happened 4 - 5 months ago. 5 whole months ago. In my head, I almost counted that as a loss but apparently not.

I learned the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people: A few weeks ago, I got a call from a friend and she asked me why I was slacking off. To a lot of people, it might not have been obvious that I was slacking off because I had automation running and doing most of the work. But she knew that I was not pushing as hard and in that moment, I was thankful that someone could call me out on mediocrity. I snapped back to reality.

I learned that CONSISTENCY IS STILL KEY: I think that I will always mention consistency in everything. This is because if you really ever want to succeed at anything, you have to stay consistent no matter how little the return. I also feel like people show up for you when you are consistent and they drop off as soon as you do. It is almost like people will root for you just as hard as you root for yourself. I noticed this a lot with my Instagram ( I am low key an Instagram queen right now lol). I lost my Instagram account in September and Instagram was blatantly unwilling to help me recover it after a hack attempt. Thankfully, I have grown it back to about 4400 but I have noticed my engagement, conversion and traffic referral is directly equal to how consistently I show up and interact, provide value or entertain.

So, can you promise to show up for yourself from March to December? Will you push to connect with people who push you to be the best version of yourself? Can you do yourself a favor and worry less? Will give God a little more time in your life?

With the uncertainty people are feeling now, and all the chaos in the world, now more than ever we need to get our life in order so we don't burn out.

As we come to the beginning of March, and celebrate International Women's day today.I hope you will make a plan to have a wonderful Month. And understand that you can't control everything. I hope that God will give you the wisdom to understand when you can't control something so you can willingly leave that to him and free yourself from stress! I hope that you will look around you and offer support to all the amazing women in your life!

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Have a wonderful Month or March and Happy International Women's day!