Clarity: Where do you start?


CLARITY: Where do you start?

What does it mean? and how does it apply to you?

According to the Oxford dictionary, it is defined it as "the quality of being certain or definite" another one I like says "the quality of transparency or purity".  The word definite here stands for "Explicit", "Precise", "Exact".

Having clarity means that you have an explicit, clear, pure vision of what you want either in life or in your business.




You see, we live in a world where there is too much going on. Too many options, too many flavors, so many possibilities.  You literally cannot walk into Target or Walmart to pick up a pen or pencil without having at least 20 different options in front of you. 



There is so much noise in the world, that it can sometimes be difficult to hear your own voice or see the possibilities that you can achieve.

This is why You need clarity, this is why We need clarity. Clarity helps to keep us sane and grounded.


So, How do you get started?

Discover your God-given "WHY": Full disclosure, I hated this "why" doctrine. I thought it was an absolute waste of time and a trend people just like throwing around. For years, I would never get through the exercise, I didn't want to deal. If this is how you feel, I've been there & I can totally relate. But hear me out, it turns there is a lot to learn from going through the process. It will help you look inwards and deal with truths you are not ready to deal with. 

The reason you need to know your "WHY" is because once you figure out why you are who you are, who God has called you to be, the experiences that shaped you, and your core values; it becomes easier to always stay on track. You will easily be able to tell when you are going off course and ground yourself. It will also drive a lot of the decisions you make and make your life easier.

Without a clear idea of your "Why", it will be very difficult for you to pick an option from all the ideas in your head. Having clear idea of your why helps you figure exactly what you should be doing, for example when you find yourself with about 500 ideas, you will easily be able to pick the 3 that aligns with your "Why".


ACT: This usually where a lot of people fail. It's easy to get pumped up and excited and ready to get to work, but not actually getting to work. It could be fear, doubt, or just life. You need to understand from the beginning that this part will not be a breeze just because you have figured out your "Why". In-fact, you are probably only going to be sure about your end goal/destination and not necessarily the GPS co-ordinates to get there. You just have to take the first step, and the next, and whatever comes after that making sure that your new decisions align with your "Why" as you go. It requires A LOT  of FAITH (confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. - Heb 11:1) &  RESILIENCE  (an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change Merriam Webster) because it will be tough and you will need to decide every day to make the conscious decision to move towards your end goal.




Start a conversation: Talk to someone you can trust. A conversation about your life goals, vision and dreams is not the kind of conversation you have with just anyone. Sharing your dreams with the wrong people can be an instant dream killer. Find a mentor, a close friend,  a consultant or coach; Someone who will hear you out completely with no judgment and be a voice of reasoning. These people need to know your Why and help keep you accountable. You can also talk to God about this. Trust me, He wants you to be able to comfortably do that with Him.


Find a community: As an entrepreneur, we low-key live a very lonely life. It 20x harder when you are an introvert. having a community of people who understand can be of tremendous help. Knowing that most of them have either been there, or are right in the same boat as you will help you refuse to buy into that fear that you are alone. When you don't feel like you are alone, you are more at ease when you make decisions. 

By the way, check out the Dfashionpreneurs community.  This is a community of people in different aspects of the fashion industry (photographers, models, business owners, event planners, etc) coming together to help one another. Click here

Always make time for reflection: This is soooo "KEY". Reflecting helps you maintain clarity, it helps you identify where you are going off track, what's working and what isn't. It is important to reflect on what works best for you, right now, in this moment and or season. Whatever XYZ is doing does not matter. Keep it pure and true to your goals and values. Some people journal, some people pray, some people paint, some people clean, some people take walks. Whatever you need to do, to empty your mind and reflect, DO IT. It will help you.




These things will help you get on the right track to walking in Clarity. This can be applied to your personal life and your business. If you terribly struggle and need help figuring things out, check out my 1:1 clarity session. Let's talk, we all enjoy life better when we know what we are supposed to be doing.