6 proven ways to increase sales conversion on your e-commerce store

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I am sure there are a lot of posts like this online. But, I just wanted to give my 2 cents on it based on my experience.  One thing to note is that there are different factors that go into closing an online sale. I personally think it is probably tougher because You are not there to physically "convince them".

This post will be covering simple things you can implement to drive more sales to your store.


1. Create a brand - This is not about having a log and business cards. This is about creating a story that describes who you are, what you stand for, and who your service is for. When I decided to get serious about my branding, I hired Samantha owner of Revampamor. It was the best decision/investment I ever made. Hiring a brand strategist who knows their craft help you maintain Clarity. Samantha took my story and created a visual representation of all that was in my head. If you have a consistent and clear branding when people visit your site, it eliminates confusion. Have you ever visited a site where you couldn't place what was wrong, but you just felt really hesitant giving them your money? Most times it's because they are subconsciously telling an inconsistent story and we can sense it. So get your branding out the way and move to the next phase.

2. Have a "dope" website - A website is essentially your online business card. It is the first thing that people come across and it needs to reflect your brand as much as possible. You do not have to break the bank to do that ( check out my available options).  You just need a web designer to take that brand and translate it into a website.

Few pointers: Your website should be clean, simple, and stupid easy to use.

Make sure "Your call to action" aka the buy button is located in a visible location and in a color that does not blend into your site.

Have content on your site that tells people who you are. Have clear and simple to understand return policies, if there are questions people may ask a lot, create an FAQ. you need to make sure that they have answers to everything that could make them doubt you.

Add a chat button to your site, if you look through Shopify you can connect some to your phone. Some people would rather ask there than send an email. Can't tell you how many sales I have closed from that chat that would have walked away if I was not there to clarify for them.

3. Product images and descriptions - Always remember that your product pictures and descriptions are extremely important. Your potential client cannot see, touch or feel the product you are selling. Your product pictures and description will be your online "salesperson". Be sure to have high-quality images, after all a picture is worth a thousand words. Your description should tell all there is to know about the item; sizing, material, dimensions, elasticity, everything there is to know. The more information you give the better. I once had a lady who made a decision to make a purchase because the model's stats and size were listed so she was able to make an educated decision.

4. Exit intent & discount coupons offer - Have you ever gone on a site and as soon as you were about to leave you got offered a coupon? That is an exit intent offer. I suggest you do this on the check out page, else it ends up looking tacky.  Also, you can occasionally offer coupons to encourage sales. Don't offer it frequently, else people will just wait for the next sale if it happens a lot.

5. Upsell - If you search through the Shopify App Store, there is an app that allows you to include an upsell function for your site. What this means is that you are able to allow and offer your customers the option of buying something else before they complete their purchase. For example, if they have a dress in their cart you can offer them accessories or a pair of shoes that could go with it. This is a way to increase the final sale dollar amount.

6. Affordable Advertising (google shopping and Facebook re-targeting) - This is huge! Facebook and Google ads can be a whole subject of its own.

Whats Google shopping?  You ever searched for a pair of pants online and had a few pop up with prices and the stores selling them? That's google shopping via google merchant center. It is affordable and you can start as low as $1 a day just to test the waters, find out what is working, and slowly decide how much you want to commit to it. Google shopping is an affordable way to get people who are actually ready to buy, to see your products. A good percentage of the people searching on Google are ready to spend money. So if your products happen to be one of the ones that show up, with a good price and fair shipping they will most likely click. Once they get to your site, if everything from above has been put in place you are more likely to close that sale. Keep a keen eye on your analytics so you know what products are driving traffic and what needs to be optimized.

Facebook Re-targeting? Ever visited a site checked out something and then suddenly it's following you around? That's re-targeting. It can be annoying, but it works in getting people back to the site and potentially completing that purchase. It also keeps you in their subconscious, the next time they need something you sell, they will come to you without knowing why.

Phew!! there you have it! Iprobably have about 3 more to add but this post is getting longer. If you are currently seeking to gain clarity in your business, figure out your next move or expand; you might want to check out my clarity session.

Do you have an online store? What are some ways you have been able to drive sales to your store?


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