#TuesdayTips to Generate sales for #BlackFriday


Hey Fashionpreneurs!!
I hope your Tuesday isn't too crazy? Yesterday I decided it was a good idea to put off some things I needed to do and do them today, let's just say today has totally not gone as planned!
Don't be like me this month, I really want to push you guys to get your sales up! Because it'll be a shame to miss out when everyone else is cashing out.


Today I will be going over a few things you can do today to start getting your customers ready to spend with your business.

I hope to God that you are growing an email list, take a look at your list and create segments for VIP shoppers, one time shoppers and never shoppers. look at your analytics what product pages are getting the most visits?

Now, take a look at your inventory and make a plan for what you would like to sell this season (include the popular items from your analytics) understand your price point and how much discount you are willing to offer. find an upsell item, product or service. An upsell product is something you will offer your customer after they have decided to make the initial purchase. It is usually best if this is a complimentary item. eg. buy a bag and you upsell a shoe to go with the bag. Make sense?

There are upsell apps you can use and customize, look through and see which one will suit you, if the investment is worth it, you can keep using it, if not you can use it just for the holiday season.



  1. Send out email requests to past customers and ask for testimonials if you don't already have those. 
  2. Then create your newsletter specifically for people who are interested but never spent money on your business.
  3. Send out emails to these potential customers telling them about your upcoming sale or any new service you're looking to promote this season then take screenshots of the testimonials received and let them know what others are saying. Put a timer on what you're offering so they can act fast




  1. Reach out to the one time customers, update them on what you have available in stock
  2. Pay attention to the analytics, what items did they click on the most?
  3. Pick those items and offer discount on them and put a limit on the discount offer so they can purchase soon


  1. Reach out to your VIP customers, you can offer presale before Black Friday where the discount is higher than what you will give on the official Black Friday sale
  2. offer a gift with each purchase over x amount and potentially faster shipping if they shop the pre-sale


If you're a service-based business.

Reach out to past clients and ask for testimonials. After a few hours reach back out, thank them for the testimonial and let them know about the service you're offering this season and find out if it'll be beneficial to them. So if you've taken pictures, styled someone, or helped them with an event reach back out.

This is the season for stylists to offer personal shopping because it's busy and people don't have time. If you're in the beauty industry now is the time to get people to set up future appointments for lashes, makeup, hair, etc if you're a photographer or blogger reach out to brands for collaboration 😏. 

This is the season to take holiday-themed pictures and as well as host holiday events. Get in your clients subconscious now so that when they're finally ready, they'll call you!🤗

Now get to work!! Are you ready for #BlackFriday? What are you doing to make sure you get a cut of the sale this year?