Content ideas to keep your audience engaged this season!

Content ideas to keep your audience engaged this season!

Happy New Week Fashionpreneurs!

This week I wanted to touch on some ideas you could work with this season to get your audience to engage with you as well as do business with you!

I understand that some people have blogs and some use Instagram as their blog of choice. I will try to break this down as easy as possible!

Gift guides: This is the time to create a gift guide if you are a blogger, you can feature brands that you love and would like to work with. If you provide a service or sell a product, feature other brands and include your service or product as a gift guide option. Then reach out to everyone featured and let them know you featured them. Some may re-post or share that with their audience which also gets you in front of their audience.

Holiday Trends: Create content about some holiday trends you like, tried, or would love to try and show how your service or product can be added to the mix where appropriate. (mostly for fashion business)

Holiday craziness: Everyone knows how crazy it gets around this season. Create content around how your audience can avoid this. As a service, you can then encourage your audience to book your service ahead of time before it gets ridiculously busy (A stylist, personal shopper, manicurists, lash tech, even clothes, and accessories)

Must-Have items this season: Just like I stated before give your potential clients the meat on why these items are a must have and then express how your product or service fits in.

Holiday-themed pictures and shoots: People love the cozy feeling they get from the holiday and seeing holiday-themed pictures draws their attention. Make sure your product or service can be noticed from the shoot. It will register in their subconscious.

There you have it! A few content ideas you can crank out this season to keep the interest of your audience. You can also infuse this will your email marketing for the month.


What are some content ideas you have implement during this season that has worked for you?