What is Dallas Fashionpreneurs? + Happy Hour Recap


If you have been paying any attention lately, you may have seen Dallas Fashionpreneurs come up a bit. Well, I am here to explain what exactly it is.

Dallas Fashionpreneur is a physical extension for Learn With Caris in the Dallas area. The goal of this group is to create a community that brings fashion creatives at any level together to be able to create authentic and genuine relationships.  I wanted to create a space where people can do life together, foster collaborations, business referrals and just do life together.


Dallas is really big and everyone has formed their little cliques. This is a way for Fashionpreneurs from all works of life to come together no cliques attached. Down the line, I would also like it to offer small businesses packages to help them create stuff that they otherwise wouldn't be able to do on their own like Mini photoshoots, lifestyle shoots, brand events, mutually beneficial collaborations with other brands etc. My goal is to be able to provide all the things and resources I wish I was able to get easily. You can read more about it Dallas Fashionpreneurs here.

TodayI wanted to give a brief recap of our October event. To find out about our upcoming events, click here.


I have been hosting mini events for Dallas Fashionpreneurs to kind of figure out the vibe and what they would like and this was the first "big one".  generally would like to cap events and 35, mostly because I want it to be intimate and not intimidating so that everyone is able to genuinely get to know one another. I was so excited to get 10 amazing people in the room, the connections and the vibe in the room was amazing!


This event was centered around building authentic relationships, there were several break out session to give everyone the opportunity to connect with more than 2 people in the room




We learned about ourselves, discussed our goals and aspirations,  had a mini-brainstorm session and offered advice to one another. It was a blessing to me to have been able to create such an environment! 


If you are in the Dallas  area and you missed this event, good news!!! We have a Vision board event in December and YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT!! We will be working through 2017 and de-clutering out minds. Then we will prepare ourselves for what we want in 2018, create actionable plans for our goals, set you our Vision board to take home with us as we work through it for the next few months!

You coming? Click here to get your tickets and find out more! Want to get discounted tickets? Join the group here!