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.....Yes, I know it has been so long.  I could blame it on so many things, but the truth is I am not much of a writer. I know there are so many resources on how to write consistently,  I just don't think I'm ready to write ALL the time. But, I promise to be here more often.

A lot has happened since March, including this event which took place in June exactly 1 month from today.

I hosted this event with my business Partner Jasmine (the-vibrant-life.com), who got introduced to me by Amanda from BWL brunch. In May last year, I came up with the idea to host a pop-up event; I called a friend over and we mapped out everything but life happened and it never happened last year.

I remember feeling disappointed in myself about not being able to have accomplished that, I told a friend that I would do it and thankfully I mentioned it to Amanda who so happened to find out Jasmine had a similar idea so she linked us up.



Jasmine is really into art while I am on the fashion side and together we worked together to pull oy an amazing event. Here are few takeaways for me from the event:


1.       Thorough Planning & time management is essential: We started planning this show 3 months in advance,  we initially thought we’d pull it off in 2 months; thankfully we didn’t adhere to that. We took our time and although we planned out the event pretty good, I think we that there are things we could have done better. I have no doubt we will correct that when we host the second event.

2.       Don’t overlook the small stuff: There were a lot of things that we didn’t think about in the beginning that started to pop up down the line. If we weren’t determined to make it work, the results would not have been as great as they were.

3.       Next time we will start promoting the event ahead of time: We didn’t get to promotion until a few weeks to the event,  am not sure why but I think we kept thinking it would be too early but that only made us panic when ticket sales were not going quite as planned initially. People often think that “If you build it, they will come” and while this happens for some people, I have not been able to testify to this in all my years of business. So my mantra? “If you build it, and let them know about it; they’ll come”.

4.       Ask a ton of questions and be willing to negotiate: We had a few hiccups because we failed to ask the right question from the get go, and we were able to cut some costs because we were able to negotiate. So, ask questions and negotiate wherever possible.

5.       Mind your money:  Events can get really expensive and although you don’t want to host a crappy event, you want a nice event that is still within your budget. A beautiful event that leaves you negative is not the way sis, so monitor coins and make sure it’s all planned out.

6.       Leverage your contact: I think this was the only reason we packed out the place. We both leveraged our resources and reached out to our friends and colleagues to hel p us get the word out. I can’t stress how much it’s important to create meaningful relationships.  After your family and friends, you still need to reach people outside your circle. I’m not asking you to “use” people; you have to provide value to receive value.

1.       Don’t freak out: There were times where I personally thought we were not going to pull it off. There were a lot of factors that came in place and a lot of things that initially didn’t go as planned. It made me seriously question everything. But I went to God in prayer and continued to do the very best I knew how to, and God showed out. My biggest takeaway is that God is still in the business of doing wonders; He still answers prayers and will reward your hard work.

So there you have it!! Few things I learned from hosting my first event, have you ever hosted an event? How did it go for you? What was your biggest take away? Drop your comments below!

Click the link below to check out all the pictures from the event!

Runway pictures

Backstage photos

Till next time, enjoy!