4 Ways to generate offline Sales for your E-commerce business

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Just like that, this week is almost over. I hope you had a great with no brain clutter! If you missed my post last week on how to clear your mind, here is link to it : 3 things to you can do right Now to gain clarity

Today, I want to touch on some questions that came up at the offline community for LearnWith Caris called Dallas Fashionpreneurs, If you are in the Dallas area you can attend the next event here: The Tea on running a successful E-commerce Business

Just like me, a lot of people start of an "online store" and ignore everything "offline". While having your site online is a great way to reach more people than you can probably reach from an offline store, making offline sales are equally important.

When I first started out I paid absolutely no attention to any offline related marketing mostly because I can be an introvert who wants no type of physical interaction to people. This stopped me from getting coins from the people local to me.

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Here is how I tackled that situation:

Networking Events: I know that a lot of people hate going to these because it can be very superficial. Everyone wants to give surface level information about themselves, exchange contacts and never interact with you (ugh.. annoying). When you go to networking events, be intentional. You do not have to hand out your business card to everyone you interact with (except they ask). For me, I get to know the person I am talking to and decide if we are going to be mutually beneficial to one another before doing anything else. This allows me to only connect with few people who I could potentially work with, and who would most likely reach back out to me. These are the connections that either bring me referrals, collaborations & sales.

Vend at a Local Event:  With having an online store, sometimes people are skeptical because they are not quite sure the quality of your items and if it worth the price. Being a vendor at a local event allows people to :

  1. Put a face to the brand
  2. Build some kind of relationship with the brand
  3. And feel/see the quality of what you offer first hand.

This is usually where you meet people who can go on to become you unpaid marketers and fans as they share and refer people to you based on the interaction they had with you. 

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Sponsor Local Events & Attend if possible: Sponsoring events is a very good way to gain some kind of publicity for your brand and also get your brand in front of people who may not have heard about you. Always be sure that the target audience matches yours; and if you are able to attend, make sure to interact with as much people as you can. Just like Vending it humanizes you and helps people make a connection to your brand.

Advertise in your Local Magazine: There are usually a lot of magazine that are mainly local who would love to highlight local businesses. I know the idea seems scary and expensive, but a lot of these magazines have different packages and you can always find one that fits your budget. Be sure to communicate your needs and be positive their target audience aligns with yours.

There you have it!! Have you ever tried to generate offline leads? how did you go about it? 

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