6 ways to prepare your online store for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM)

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….. And just like BFCM is here. And for some of you, you have no idea where to get started and today I want to offer some help. When preparing for the holiday, a lot of people are always in a hurry to try to get new customers or they just pop out of nowhere trying to shove their discounts down the customer’s throat.

What you may not know is that October is the time for you to start warming up your audience and setting things in motion so that everything goes smoothly. So today I will be sharing a few things to check of your list as you prepare.

  1. Review your Products: As you start planning your discounts and promo codes it is important to review and analyze your products and decide how and what you want to discount. Sometimes there are products that really won't make sense to be discounted so you have to decide what should and what shouldn’t and decide if you want to have a collection of some sorts specifically for this.

  2. Crank up your email marketing: As I said earlier, sometimes just focusing on finding new customers or not creating any awareness ahead of time to create anticipation is mostly going to get you crickets. And avoiding this is where email marketing comes in. Studies show that customers start looking for sale 10 days before Thanksgiving so this means that you need to have your store ready to go 10 days ahead and you need to start warming your email list ahead of time so that when they start shopping 10 days ahead, your brand has been subconsciously planted in their hearts.

  3. Make sure your site flows effortlessly on mobile: Last year Cyber Monday drove about 2 billion in mobile revenue. More and More people are beginning to shop from the comfort of their mobile phones so you want to make sure it is a really great experience for your customers when they visit on mobile.

  4. Social Media Ads: A lot of people like to go to this first, while it’s not really a bad thing; it’s best to have “your house” in order first. Everyone will be running ads around this time, so be aware of the fact that it may be a little more expensive during the holidays. Do not forget the re-targeting ads, there will always be people to leave without buying anything. Use re-targeting to remind them to come back and complete their order.

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