6 reasons Your site visitors are not buying from you!

why your site is losing sales

Hey there Fashionpreneurs!

If you are in the Facebook Group,  You know I am always going on about how your website is your salesperson. When potential customers visit your site, Your website needs to be doing the work you can't do by yourself in person. This month, I encourage you to take some time to run some tests on your site and make sure your site has a good chance of combating these problems

Sooo the results are in: Here are Six reasons people are visiting your site and falling off without making a purchase

1. Your shipping is too high or not clear to your customers: People don't want to pay too much for shipping so you need to analyze your shipping structure. Find a middle ground that works for your business model and makes sense to your customer.

2. Your site is difficult to navigate which makes it difficult for people to find what they are looking for. We currently live in a generation that has an attention span of a gold fish. If people come on your site, everything should be easy to find. Make sure people understand how they should flow through your site.

3. They were just browsing or have done some price comparisons with other sites and decided to go with the competitor (You have to tighten your brand message to make yourself the best option)

4. There wasn't enough info on your site to make them confident enough to buy from you. Or no info about your brand: Again make sure you are effectively communicating your brand message and addressing your audience in a way that connects

5. The products were not relevant to them (you may be targeting the wrong people. Do you know your target market?) : Understanding your target market makes it easy to connect with them and also influences what you sell and how you sell to them.

6. Your check out process took too long, people got impatient and left: This is used to be common with a lot of platforms, but that's changing now. Make sure you are not asking for unnecessary information at check out, you want to make it easy for people to add to cart and leave!

Which of these areas do you think your site may need some help with?

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