Important Metrics to help you make better business decisions

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Hey there Fempreneurs!!

Whoa!!! Can you believe we are just 4 months away from the end of the year???? I am actually quite shocked at how fast this year is flying by. January lasted for 3 months and every other month has lasted about 2 weeks lol

Well, here I am again this month giving you that little kick in the butt! The most successful business owners are doing well because they live and breathe their data. They know exactly where the $$ is coming from, their conversion rates and what channels are profitable in their business. My question to you is If I ask you about your numbers from July can you tell me?

I spent this morning going over mine and I almost always find something I didn't know every time I do. You have to be able to measure the goals you set for yourself and make sure to stay on track. But don't worry, I got you!! I put together a list of things you should be tracking, so you can make better decisions in August.

Here are some Important Metrics to look out for:

Number of Visitors: How many visitors did you get to your site last month? How many of them were unique visitors or returning visitors?

Monthly Sales: How much did you make in sales?

Average Order $: What is the average $$  spent on the orders you got last month?

Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate: Of the visitors and add to carts how much of that is being abandoned and not recovered?

Email campaigns: How much traffic and sales did you make from your email list?

Referral traffic: What sources are referring traffic to you? and which one is the highest?

Repeat Customer Orders: How many of the orders received were from returning customers?

Conversion by Traffic Source: Off all the traffic sources to your site, which one converted to sales the most?

Facebook & Instagram organic traffic: How much traffic are you getting from these platforms?

Organic Traffic: How many people are randomly finding you on google? and where are they landing?

Google & Facebook Ads (as applies): If you are spending money on ads, how much of your sales converted from ads?

Bounce Rate: How soon are people leaving when they visit?

This may seem like a lot of work, but understanding these numbers will help you know where to focus your energy, and how to make better marketing decisions. It will also help you figure out what is working and what isn't. You always want to do more of what is working.

Don't make your next marketing decision until you understand your numbers and how your business is doing. Once you have a better understanding you will see your business moving in the right direction.

Now that you know where to start, how are your numbers looking for July? I want you to drop a comment when you do this exercise. Let's chat!

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 I will talk to you in my next blog post!! have a wonderful weekend ahead!!