4 Ways to stay grounded as you embark on the Entrepreneurship Journey


As we know, Entrepreneurship has become really popular with Entrepreneurs popping up everywhere and some being lucky enough to blow up immediately creates an illusion that you can start a business and make bank almost immediately - This is not always the case. Starting or growing your business is hard work and requires you to choose almost every morning you get up. 

Being an entrepreneur has a lot to do with your mindset - how you react to situations around you, and even your relationship money and what you think you are worth. That being said, it is important to stay grounded so you can keep pushing to grow your business even when you don't feel like it.

Here are 4 ways to ensure you stay grounded as you run your business

1. Know Your Why: It's not enough to start a business just because you want to make money. Sure, you should strive to make money from your business else it becomes a hobby but what is the underlying fulfillment your business brings? Is it the way your customers feel interacting with your product? Is it the fulfillment of knowing your product or service solves a problem? or is it something as personal as getting out of debt or creating a better life for your family? 

On the days when ALL hell breaks loose, or in the early stages when you are not turning any profit and your mind starts to wander remembering why you embarked on this journey and keeping your focus on what you hope to accomplish is what keeps you in check and helps you stay the course.

2. Find a community or group of people who understand your struggle: The Entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one, but it doesn't have to be. And by this, I don't mean increasing your pile of business cards; I mean taking the time to form genuine relationships with other people who are on the same journey as you and being transparent with each other. It will always come in handy on tough days. Having other people encourage you and sharing how they overcame similar struggles helps keep you centered and lets you know you are not alone.

3. Don't Neglect your loved ones: Not everyone is lucky to come from a family that understands their entrepreneurial journey and because of that, it may often be easy to completely shut your loved ones out. Although they may not understand, let them in on a high-level view of what's going and endeavor to make time for them; remember these are the people who may remain in your life whether you have a business or not and they also remind you of who you are and where you are coming from. Taking the time to "love on" them when possible helps keep you grounded.


4. Get Accountability: Getting someone or a community to hold you accountable ensures that you are doing what you say you will do when you said you will do it. For some of us multi-passionate business owners who answer to ourselves; We know what we want for our businesses and most times we know what to do; the problem tends to come up when: We can't decide what actions to take first, can't decide when to take action, or we start slacking off because we are our own boss. Having someone to hold you accountable helps put things in perspective in terms of what's doable in a realistic timeline as well as helping you stick to an agreed line of action and execution which help you stay grounded in running your business in a way that's authentic to you.

Regardless of where you are in your business, just stay the course and keep going. It's all part of your story. What are some ways to manage to stay grounded as you go through this fulfilling yet sometimes lonely journey??

If you are struggling with the entrepreneurial journey all by yourself, check out our Accountability Community created with the purpose of ensuring that no Female entrepreneur ever feels alone in her Entrepreneurial journey. This community is built on vulnerability, accountability, transparency and genuine friendship.