You are the reason your business is not moving forward

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Hey there Fashionpreneurs!

I want to do it, But... ( do you have self-integrity?)

Can you believe the year is almost over? For some of you, you have crushed a lot of your goals, learned a lot about yourself and your business, made new investments and have made some bold moves. For others, you can't believe the year flew past you yet again. And you are still having a hard time figuring out what you should be focusing your time on with the million and one things on your plate.

You are not alone, it happens. The real question is how long is that going to continue to be the case for you? The biggest problem a lot of entrepreneurs face is that they don't have self-integrity. They say a lot of things and plan to do a lot of things but don't always get to do it. Because they answer to themselves, they easily make excuses for not doing the work. Yes, life happens, schedules go wild, kids fuss. at the end of the day, the choice is yours. Are you going to keep making excuses, or are you going to start finding time to do the work?

A lot of times people think they have to carve out hours or an entire day to get work done and when they don't find that time, things don't get done. Have you ever considered trying to work without distraction for just 30 minutes? If you cannot devote 30 minutes to work on something that can pay you in future, you have no business trying to be an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship will push you, it requires you to think beyond the boundaries, it requires to go where others refuse to go and do what others don't want to and the people who got there didn't do so by making excuses. So if you are going to be that person who makes excuses about schedule, work, kids, whatever the case there are people who are making it work and they are in worse situations than you.

If you don;t want to be sitting in the exact same position as you are today by September 2019, something has to change and you are the only one that can make that change. Some of you give up before trying, some of you have no fighting spirit, some of you talk yourselves out of opportunities that can change your life, some of you “don’t want to be scammed again” so you remain loyal to the “university of google” with no results to show for it.

As a business owner, I have made countless investments, some of them yielded something, other didn’t. Does that stop me from making further investments? No. If you can’t take risks again, you have no business being an entrepreneur.

So. I say all this to say, If you have been making of list of ALL the things you want to do and you still haven’t done it, it is time to evaluate yourself. What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself? What are you afraid of? Why are you not doing the things you say you will do?

When you start being held accountable and start doing the things you say you will do, you start showing up differently for yourself and your business and those results you have been looking for? They will “suddenly” start manifesting. You still have to answer that question, Are you going to drop the excuses?

If you are ready to start doing things differently, there are a few ways to get started. The entrepreneurship journey can be lonely and you can plug into a community. Or you can schedule a private consultation. You are always doing the same thing with no results. Today do something different and click on one of the options below.

The Fashionpreneurs Lounge: Gives you the opportunity to be in community with a large group of Fashion Entrepreneurs Around the country.

The Accountability Lounge: Is a smaller community of 6 - 12 women who eventually become your business sisters and hold each other accountable to grow their businesses.

Private Clarity Session: I have met a lot of people who would rather have a one on one consultation rather than be in group. You can schedule a consultation let’s see how I can help you gain clarity, and grow your business