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Happy New Quarter Fashionpreneurs!!!

Whew!! This year is running faster than some of us can imagine! Today I am back with some tips to drive some traffic to your store. You are probably wondering why driving traffic to your store is important. Well, if you have more people visiting your store, it gives you an opportunity to get your brand in front of new people and most importantly increases the number of people who can go into your re-marketing pool to generate more sales for your store.

So, let’s jump right into it! The holiday is around the corner and right now you should be spending your marketing budget on running some ads that creates some kind of awareness around your brand, the sales shouldn’t start just yet. But you should definitely be trying to increase your traffic so you can have a wider pool of people to potentially sell to when the time comes.

  1. Analyze your current Data: In my first post for the last quarter, I hammered on the importance of studying your analytics to make better informed decisions you can read it here. This is such an important exercise a lot of people fail to pay attention to but can be the very place that reveals ALL of your sales potential. When analyzing your website traffic analytics, be on the look out for the following:

    1. Where are you getting most of your traffic from (and which of them is converting)

    2. Find out the pages on your site getting the most traffic

    3. Find out the poor performing pages and figure out how you can make it better

      Once your determine where your traffic is coming from, you can then work on amplifying your efforts in that to make sure that source doesn’t die.

  2. Utilize internal links: If you noticed in the paragraph above, I linked to an older post. That is one example internal links. If you have a blog within your website always make sure to link back to products within your site. In your product page, make sure to utilize “related products”, “products people were also interested in”. This allows customers to view other products on your site which keeps them engaged and on your site longer.

  3. Guest Post on other website with a relevant audience: Having other credible websites link back to yours makes you look good to google, increases your traffic and adds more potential customers to your re-targeting pool. It’s a win - win situation, the guest website gets quality content and you get traffic + potential customers!

  4. Social Media Ads (Facebook & Instagram): Facebook is one of the leading ways to advertise on a budget. You can get really specific with your targeting and generate traffic of interested clients to your website and even if they don't convert to sales, remember you can re-target them.

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