Meet Pangshua of Lue + Riley


Pangshua is the owner and creator of Lue + Riley, an earring business specializing in handmade tassels + statement earrings. Pangshua is such a Positive light and always full of positivity. She is one of the most amazing people I have interacted with and also one of the strong woman you will ever meet. I am excited to introduce her to you today!

Pangshua's favorite question to ask people she meets is, "What are 3 things you are most passionate about?" The storyteller in her loves to dig deep and empower others to be fearless in pursuit of their God-given dreams. She is most passionate about building women up, leading others, and storytelling. She believes every person is worthy. After leaving her 12-year career in nonprofit and professional fundraising, Pangshua found herself on a path of entrepreneurship. Now, she is living out her dreams of creating art in the form of tassel/statement earrings and fostering a community where women can be seen and valued for who they are. I hope Pangshua's story Inspires you


  • Q: How did you stumble upon your AWESOME path? My husband was offered a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity that required us to live on the road full-time. As a creative, it was hard NOT to do something. What started as a self-love project, launched into an unexpected business opportunity!

  • Q: Who inspired you into taking this path? My brother Lue. My business is actually named after him. My brother Lue passed away over 6 years ago at the age of 27. Since his death, I made a promise to myself to cherish every year, every moment. And while living this adventurous life on the road, I was reminded of this promise. I wanted this season to count, even if that meant risking, dancing with fear and doing things that I was uncomfortable with. Besides my brother, it's the mothers, the mentors, the women in my life who inspire me to continue on this path. What resilient, selfless women!

  • Q: Who was the first person who believed in you? Give us names, dates, and details. This could be your first customer, your first teacher, or the first person who showed you that you could do this: My sister in law, Seng. When I began to toss around the idea of launching, she affirmed the quality of my products. At one point in her life, she was a jewelry maker. So hearing her affirmation made me a believer that this was possible. I am capable of making quality earrings! It felt like a major win.

  • Q: What was the moment you knew you could be successful at your path? The first moment I knew this could be successful was after releasing my third collection and selling out within 48 hours. Three times in a row! And being approached to wholesale in 3 shops. I was overwhelmed and shocked!

  • Q: How do you define success for the path that you're on right now? Although I have been approached with the opportunities to grow my business (in sales and volume at triple what it currently is), success to me is a holistic one. For, me it is learning to love the small, hard moments. It is learning to be skilled in time management, smart investments, understanding language, and growing the vision. Success is having a strategy and executing at the right pace -- not at the one others have for you. Success is breaking personal goals and not compromising the integrity of design and values.

  • Q: What’s been the most important skill you've developed ever since you took the entrepreneurial route? Rest. I think as women, society and cultural norms tell us we need to put others first--to serve them and to nurture others. We are quick to say yes and to show up for others. Becoming an entrepreneur has really taught me to say yes to myself, to my business, to my vision and most importantly, to have sabbatical rest. I will never be living out my fullest potential if I am trying to be more, do more or chase more.


Q: What’s been the greatest challenge on your path? I am the first to admit that most of my life, being a workaholic was my biggest challenge. While I have always enjoyed the hustle and long hours, my greatest challenge is not spending all my energy on the creative process and to be sure to handle the other aspects of the business (financials, marketing, etc).

  • Q: What’s been your greatest reward in the choices you've made to do this? My greatest reward is building a community to inspire and empower others, and having the financial opportunity to invest in women. 

  • Q: What do you want to learn from the Fashionpreneurs community and how has it impacted you? One of the things I have enjoyed about Fashionpreneurs community is seeing the sisterhood. Community over competition. We were never created to journey through life alone, and having a community of not just entrepreneurs, but women who are in the same industry has been a game changer. It keeps me motivated. It is inspiring to see that I'm not alone in not having all the answers too. I do look forward to learning the stories of the incredible women in this community.

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