“Caris knew what I wanted and even more, what I needed. She delivered beautifully. She is very accessible and is your next affirmation.”
— Spencer S (familiesfirstcc)

I signed up for the 1:1 clarity program so Caris could help me relaunch my boutique. I also switched to a new platform for my website and Caris helped me get ready for the relaunch. Her experience in the fashion industry is evident because she always had such great suggestions on how I should handle things. From tips on working with models to building a good website, to ordering from vendors. The Launch ended up successful, I was able to grow my email list and also had orders from the relaunch.
If you don’t TRULY want to be held accountable, you don’t want these sessions. Caris, is going to help you think through what you want to accomplish, give you suggestions on how to do it well, and then she’s going to hold you accountable for putting in the work. She was a game changer for me.
— Twana (Personally She)

Caris was a delight during our conversation. I was able to get to know her a little better and felt very comfortable being honest with her about my needs and area of opportunities. She was prepared for our consultation and had done her research about my company. She knew the right questions to ask and was able to give me great feedback and insight about some changes that I needed to make. She also offered appropriate suggestions and solutions for some of my current issues. She is very knowledgeable about the industry.
— Chunte (themusefeed)

“Caris has been an efficient and reliable business consultant from the onset of my business, her service has become a valuable tool for determining basic unforeseen errors and channels of business sustainability. She is very responsive and easy to relate with. I enjoy every second of consultation with her.”
— Adora A (Adoracreates)

Caris is amazing. She is an effective communicator — asking the right questions and helping me better identify what it is I want. My biggest struggle in launching a business was figuring out, “Where do I focus? What are my priorities?” By the end of our session, I found myself with some great (and needed) action steps. I am walking into my next month feeling more confident and with great relief because of Caris. Her ready to download resources at LWC makes taking these next steps that much easier! If you’re feeling stuck in thought or action, even if you need someone to work out your ideas with, Caris is incredible. She has a gift to see outside of the box (aka maximizing your potential). Thanks to Caris, I now have exceptional and realistic ideas to help bring my business to the next level. The things that I thought were dead ends turned into windows of opportunity. She made it easy for me to be transparent about my struggles and to get me on my path! I can’t thank Caris enough for her ability to listen, coach and direct. And I love that she takes accountability seriously. Let’s face it, we could all use more of it.
— Pangshua (LueandRiley)

Caris 4pc & a pepper workbook has been a tremendous help to me. LoL! The Vision Workbook has helped me think more in depth on my vision statement for my brand and taught me to write down weekly action goals to keep myself accountable to help visualize my next steps to prevent falling stagnant. The Beginners Guide To Launching An E-Commerce Business is helpful with creating a brand name if you don’t have one already, helps you figure out your target market, and also encourages you to reach out to already established brands to see if they’ll partnership with you. That’s pretty bold and a great idea, all one can do is say yes or no. The Discover Your Target Market workbook is helpful because it asks you questions that helps you think above the surface for your brand. Things like, “Why would consumers pick your brand? Why would they become loyal customers to you after their first purchase?”. And lastly, 60 Ways To Increase Sale & Gain Exposure For Your Business. That is 60 tips and ideas of how you can research ways to market your brand, which is very helpful when your mind is all over the place. All in all, the workbook is helpful because it helps you to get started, stay motivated, and take the right steps to keep moving forward in entrepreneurship.
— Tish (Denim Designer)