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Dallas Fashionpreneurs now Fashionpreneurs Lounge is a physical extension of the site in the Dallas area which will hopefully extend to other cities.

The goal of this group is to create a community that brings fashion creatives at any level together to be able to create authentic and genuine relationships.  I wanted to create a space where people can do life together, foster collaborations, business referrals and be able to share their struggles without judgement

This community is a way for Fashionpreneurs from all works of life to come together with no cliques attached knowing that they can be honest and transparent about where they are and have others encourage and offer solutions or ideas.

There are also small business packages to help them create stuff that they otherwise wouldn't be able to do on their own like Mini photo-shoots, lifestyle shoots, brand events, admin tasks, mutually beneficial collaborations with other brands etc. My goal is to be able to provide all the opportunities and resources I wish I was able to get and be able to give businesses with small budgets a fair playing ground with their competitors. There are also weekly/monthly workshops to help you grow your business.

This group was created to provide a safe space for people who are either starting out in the fashion industry or who have already gotten far but would like to connect with other people in the fashion industry to connect with one another, be honest with one another and share each other's struggles.

As an entrepreneur when you start out you tend to find yourself wearing all the hats in the business, this works fine for a while till it starts to take its toll on you.

The purpose of this group is to find other like-minded people / business owners related to your business field who you can:

1. Collaborate with

2. Do business with

3. Refer business to and vice versa

4. Share your struggles with and gain insight & perspective from one another

You do not have to do it all alone, we can all assist one another in getting to the top.


If you are in the fashion industry in #Ecommerce #FashionBloggers, #FashionPhotographers, #Models, #makeupartists, A #Boutiqueowners, #FashionStylists, #DigitalCreatives, #FashionPRs, #ContentCreators, #FashionDesigners, #FashionCurators or looking to get into the fashion world welcome.

let's figure this out together!




Itching to Break Free From Your Fear? Want to balance your 9-5 with your side hustle? Not sure how to balance your finances while supporting your side Hustle?

If you're totally "over" struggling to balance your day job with your side hustle , if you're tired of letting fear stop you from moving forward and you want to start making moves to make your time and money work for you, then you NEED to attend the Pushing Past Your Fear & Limitations mixer!

This event will have limited spacing as you know Dallas Fashionpreneurs hosts intimate events so everyone can get comfortable and get to connect better. The earlier you RSVP, the better your chances of experiencing this!


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