We're creating safe spaces where Fashionpreneurs never feel alone!

With Authentic Community, Genuine Friendships, Accountability & Business Resources

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Fashionpreneurs Lounge is a Fashion Entrepreneur community - "A support group" Creating spaces where no Fashion Creative Feels alone on their Entrepreneurial journey...

We have created a space where people can do life together, foster collaborations, business referrals and be able to share their struggles without judgment

In our community, Fashionpreneurs from all works of life around the world come together with no cliques attached knowing that they can be honest and transparent about where they are and have others encourage and offer solutions or ideas.

what to expect

  1. Exclusive access to resources for Business growth, advice, accountability, courses, and a Safe space to Share your struggles, & learn from others

  2. Invitations to monthly members-only events as well as discounts or Free entry to our in-person events

  3. Massive Exclusive member discounts to courses and our growing business library

  4. Connections to local members so you can meet New Fashionpreneurs & small business owners close to where you live

  5. Exclusive access to our app (available via the App Store or Google Play) so you can take your support network wherever you go!

    ……. & MANY MORE

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You’ll feel right at home in our community if you: 

  • Value honest conversations about what’s working and what’s not in small business today

  • Generously share your experiences and expertise to support others when you can

  • Recognize the importance of a diverse support community: personal backgrounds, levels of experience, industries, and business models



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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, just log in and disable your subscription

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